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Johannes Weinsheimer


Born in Berlin, Johannes Weinsheimer lives and works from his adopted home in Munich. In his work, he focuses on large-format photographs of urban and landscape moments and scenarios. His works are created during his numerous journeys that take him all over the world. Through the artistic abstraction of colors and forms, the artist combines photographic realism with a harmonious, emotional lightness. The hallmarks are the overdrawing of the colors, the play with light and shadow and a special wiping technique that he calls "virtual spatula". "I let myself drift and expect the unexpected," the artist describes his approach.


“I perceive my environment primarily through colors. Reality blurs into abstract soft forms that merge into one another. Objects sometimes lose their meaning and images of soft shapes with clear and intense colors arises in my head. When looking at the pictures, I want to create moments of relaxation and lightness." 


Weinsheimer himself was born with a love of art. He grew up in a family of artists, and in his youth he was very interested in painting, including as a guest student at the University of the Arts in Berlin. He has been working as a photo artist for more than fifteen years and inspires international audiences with his photographs.


Exhibitions (selection)


2010 Gallery Richter, Berlin

2011 Gallery Zimmermann & Heitmann, Dusseldorf

2013 Axiom Gallery, Los Angeles

2013 Gallery K, Palma de Mallorca

2014 Red Dot Art Fair, Miami

2014 Gallery Kronsbein, Munich

2015 Gallery Richter, Berlin

2015 Brisky Gallery, Stuttgart

2016 Frankfurt Art Fair, Frankfurt

2016 Gallery Kronsbein, Munich

2017 Four Seasons Hide Park, London

2017 Mandarin Oriental, Munich

2018 Art Masters, St Moritz 

2019 Mandarin Oriental, Munich

2019 Gallery Richter, Berlin

2021 Villa San Michele, Florence

2022 Highlights, international art fair Munich

2023 Kitzbühel Country Club, Kitzbuehel

2023 &why agency, Munich

2024, YouNique Fine Craft Art & Design, Lugano

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